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invisible world

Redefining the standards of microorganism study, providing unprecedented precision to guide your R&D decisions.

About Us

About Us

A key player in the Research and development of
sustainable agricultural solutions

inLux Biotech aims to elevate your R&D to the next level. By using bioluminescence to monitor pathogens in vivo, we offer undeniable proof of efficacy for the development of plant protection products. Additionally, our approach enables real-time, in-depth exploration of host-microorganism interactions. In pushing the boundaries of conventional scientific understanding, inLux Biotech is at the forefront of innovation.

Real-time data acquisition Precise visual proof Reliable analysis In situ research Failure in field test reduced by 50 % End-users trust increased

Our services

What service we offer

Observing microorganisms in situ in real time while producing actionable data? Everything is possible with inLux Biotech, with various service offerings that we can build with you:

Precise studies of mode of action
Proof of efficacy for biocontrols/biostimulants
Host-microorganisms interactions studies
in planta visuals for marketing
About Us

Our Vision

Revolutionizing the study of microorganisms in vivo in the agricultural field by bringing scientific accuracy while being understandable by the broad public. Our mission is to guarantee global food security and contribute to the development of safer solutions for our soils, our biodiversity, and our health.

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